Below is the schedule of the Medieval Seminar and other lectures and events of interest to the Upper Valley medievalist community.  If you have a lecture, conference, or event scheduled that you would like posted here, please email [email protected].


October 18, 2017. 5:15PM. Medieval Seminar.

Sean Griffin. Postdoctoral Fellow, Society of Fellows, Dartmouth College: "Memory Eternal: Liturgy and History in the Medieval Mediterranean."

November 11, 2017.  Seventh Biennial Medieval Colloquium.  Sanborn Library. 9AM-5PM.

Miri Rubin. Queen Mary, University of London. School of History.  Professor Rubin will share with us two in-progress chapters from her forthcoming book: “Cities of Women: Strangers at Home” and “Cities of God: Placing and Displacing Jews in late Medieval Cities.”


Seeta Chaganti.  UC Davis. Department of English. Professor Chaganti will share with us a stand-alone study she is currently working on, “De-rhyming Dance: Burgundian Basse danse and the Aesthetics of Dérimage."

January 17, 2018. 5:30PM. Medieval Seminar. Kevin Reinhart, Department of Religion, Dartmouth College. "What to Make of Ritual Texts: are ritual texts, texts?"

February 13, 2018. 4:30PM. Public Lecture. Jonathan Phillips. Professor of Crusade History. Royal Holloway (London). "Saladin."

February 21, 2018. 5:30PM. Medieval Seminar. Nicola (Nick) Camerlenghi. Art History. Dartmouth. "Reverse Archaeology: The Virtual Basilica of San Paolo in Rome"

April 18, 2018. 5:30PM. Medieval Seminar.  Tim Baker, Humanities, Religion, IWR, and Classics, Dartmouth College. Title TBA.

May 16. 2018. 5:30PM. Medieval Seminar. Christopher MacEvitt, Department of Religion, Dartmouth College. Title TBA.





More to come