Below is the schedule of the Medieval Seminar and other lectures and events of interest to the Upper Valley medievalist community.  If you have a lecture, conference, or event scheduled that you would like posted here, please email


October 17, 2018. 5:30PM. Medieval Seminar.
     Monika Otter: Department of English. Title TBA.

November 14, 2018. 5:30 PM. Medieval Seminar.
     Laurence Hooper. Department of French and Italian. "Radical Hope and Personal Citizenship in Dante’s Paradiso.”

January 16, 2018. 5:30PM. Medieval Seminar.
  Nick Ostrau. Department of German. "Touched by the Odor that Sound Makes: Synesthetic Performances and Their Breakdown in Gottfried’s Tristan Narrative”

February 20, 2019. 5:30PM. Medieval Seminar.
Charlie Briggs. Department of History, University of Vermont. Title TBA.

April 17, 2019. 5:30PM. Medieval Seminar. 
Paul Carranza. Department of Spanish and Portuguese. Title TBA.

May 15. 2019. 5:30PM. Medieval Seminar.
Steve Nichols. Department of French. Johns Hopkins (quondam Dartmouth). “Places of Thought: Environment and Perception in Medieval French Poetry”


More to come